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Incredible 3D video: Baby in the womb

Photo: youtube / I-baby

What happens in my stomach?

Let's be honest: If expectant mothers full of enthusiasm, their first ultrasound image under the nose, we often see nothing more than an indistinct lump. And that's why we went in search of a video that shows in a wonderful way what's really going on in the womb. We are sure you have never seen an unborn child.

A gentle throbbing, small kicks - what's going on in my stomach? Only so much: a lot. The little boy in the video wiggles his nose, rubs his eyes and puckers his little face into a pout. Especially cute we find the place where he grabs for something to eat - how he mugs self-confidently. And how he suddenly - sneezes. The little creature seems to occupy the same things as they keep us busy.

A wonderful video showing the unborn son of Sander van der Lann and his wife. What does he do all day in the womb? Look for yourself:

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