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The girlfriend jeans is here! We explain the fit

For example, Girlfriend Jeans already exists at Topshop. Short-sleeved model with classic denim details and a narrow, straight cut. Approximately 50 Euros.
Photo: Manufacturer

What does the new jeans form look like?

Even if we can not imagine at the moment that the skinny jeans will not be the most worn denim cut in the near future, we can not deny one thing: there is a lot going on in the jeans market!

New cuts, other silhouettes and modern details make speeches and the thought comes up: maybe a model with a long leg? First Step: Loose-fitting boyfriend jeans with a deeper crotch are becoming increasingly popular. And now another cut in the denim shelf is spreading: the girlfriend jeans .

No, unlike the boyfriend jeans, this is not a feminine model intended for men. Girlfriend jeans are meant for women.

The first jeans of this new type are available at, for example, River Island or Topshop. They describe their pants as "high cut in the hip, slightly wider than slim fit."

A short leg, the pants are short over the ankle, made of solid denim, without stretch, the Girlfriend Jeans is more structured than the boyfriend competitor and more advantageous than the hip "Mom Jeans".

Although this denim trend cheats no longer legs, no better butt or slimmer thighs, the Girlfriend Jeans makes it easy to give outfits fashion flair. And that's what a skinny pair of jeans, which we've just had enough of, must be able to do it.

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