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The Geissens: Are you broke?

For over 30 years, Carmen and Robert Geiss are a couple, going through thick and thin together.
Photo: RTLII

"If all else fails, we plant potatoes"

Are the Geisses already planning a life without a shower? At the moment Robert Geiss (49) and his apron were standing in the kitchen of the holiday villa in St. Tropez, conjuring tasty meatballs. For this he did not approve of a bubbly, but a cool K├Âlsch.

Millions of viewers watch the luxury life of Carmen (48) and Robert Geiss, including children and grandparents, on RTL2 every Monday. But does it stay that way? Because the shrill TV family suddenly thinks about how a life without many millions of euros in the account can look like.

Carmen sees it in a very practical way: "I would even go to the bathroom to clean up our toilets. Why not today? And if all else fails, we can plant salad or potatoes. "

The fact that they already had financial losses, reveals Robert in the new book of the couple "nothing comes of nothing" : "After the attacks on September 11, 2001 in America, I lost a lot of money, because some stocks that I had put on, in the best case, only a third were worth. This can happen again and again. "

In any case, with their two children Davina (9) and Shania (8) they pay attention to economy. Carmen: "Every Sunday, the two get pocket money of five euros. That must be enough. "But for the time being, we can still experience the weird Geissens, how they let it really crack.