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The 10 funniest diet books

Time travel: 10 funny books to lose weight

No kidding, these books really existed. From the "Sexy Pineapple Diet" to a book entitled, "It's a Sin to Be Fat."

The 10 funniest diet books since 1950
10 curious, funny and at the same time shocking diet guides of the last 50 years.

"Help me, my lord - the devil wants me fat"

Hard to believe, but true - this diet guide has sold well in America, at least in the 70s. In Step 1, you will learn how the devil influences your eating habits and how you can handle them. Beware, in the commercial break, the devil allegedly strikes best!

"The 7-Day Milk Diet ... for Women"

Whether this diet was really designed to help women lose weight? Or just to boost milk consumption? The California Milk Advisory Board, part of the Department of Food and Agriculture in California, distributed this booklet in the 1970s - definitely disinterested. You could lose weight with this "diet" anyway. Because except countless glasses of milk is little on the menu, which makes fat (or fat).

"The sexy pineapple diet"

"This book talks about pineapple until we start dreaming about hamburgers, " writes an American journalist from the Chicago Tribune in a review of this diet book. Maybe the Danish author just knows more about eroticism and less about losing weight. After all, one of his bestsellers is "The ABC of Love".

"It's a sin to be fat"

Another religious attack on our love handles? Not quite. In fact, this book, published in 1961, quite objectively addresses the negative effects of obesity on our organs, our blood pressure, and our general well-being.

"How can I be a sufficiently thin youth?"

This guide is actually shocking rather than funny. A slimming guide for teenagers from the year 1986. Chapter 2 is called, "How did you get so fat?" Chapter 16: "Ten things you can do when you're starving and there's still two hours to go Dinners are. "

"There is a thin person in you!"

In every fat person is a thin person. To bring to light, obviously a lot of insight is needed. The author of this work clearly and emphatically writes: "You can not blame anyone but yourself. You ate too much, you became a Fettie. "

"The diet of the drinking man"

Of course, the men literally get their fat away. The subtitles of this brochure, which was printed in 1964, reveal that they are usually not very motivated: "How to lose weight with a minimum of willpower". Incidentally, you read the title quite rightly: The point here is that a man should lose weight without having to change his humorous lifestyle.

"Tuna around the diet clock"

Who would not like to eat tuna all day long? This decay work from the 50s is at least trouble to suggest varied tuna dishes

"The Book of the Fat Boy"

"No one loves a fat man, " complains the black and white suit carrier of this drawing. "Of course someone loves you, Sonny. I love you! "Replies his mother. This 1950s book is full of humor. One chapter is called, "It's all the wife's fault."

"Weight loss with domino sugar"

Adding an extra dose of sugar to each meal does not sound very obvious at first. In the second neither. Nevertheless, with this diet, every dish comes with a cup of coffee or tea with a teaspoon of Domino brand sugar. Did the sugar maker actually come up with this diet to help people lose weight?

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