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Carolin Kebekus: Helene Fischer is the devil!

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At the Comedy Award

At the comedy award in Cologne Carolin Kebekus blasphemously blasts out: "Helene Fischer is the devil", she announces and does not exactly make herself popular with the singer.

Does Helene Fischer find this so funny? At the comedy award in Cologne, Carolin Kebekus blithely ridicules. Even euphoric from the award ceremony, in which she was named the best comedian, Carolin is the blasphemous sister. "Helene Fischer is the devil, " the presenter told

Carolin Kebekus is known for not mincing words. This proves it again at the comedy award and blasphemously continues to blaspheme. After calling Helene Fischer a devil she's afraid of, she dubs her songs as "Barber-Disco-Bums-Music".

Thus, the presenter not only gets the award for the best comedian, but also for the toughest spell. After this action, Carolin Kebekus can only hope that Helene Fischer fans perceive their humor as the same.