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Germans throw away 82 pounds of food per capita every year

Milk, bananas, rolls - every German throws 82 kilos into the trash every year
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Federal Minister of Nutrition calls for more responsible treatment

82 kilos of food end up in the garbage of the Germans every year. Federal Nutrition Minister Schmidt calls for a more conscious handling of food in Lent.

82 kilos are 820 bars of chocolate, 82 liters of milk, 328 slices of butter or 1, 600 rolls. That's how much an average German weighs. And so much does the food that we Germans throw in the garbage per capita every year. In total, 11 million tons of food are dumped every year in Germany. Of that total, 6.7 million tonnes are from private households - that's 81.6 kilograms per capita!

Sometimes the expiration date has expired, because you once again missed to cook, sometimes you just bought too much.

Lent as an occasion for more conscious handling

A bad habit, given that over 800 million people worldwide are starving. Federal Minister of Food Christian Schmidt therefore calls for a more conscious handling of food: "Food is a means of life, and we should all be aware of how much effort, time and resources are involved in their production, " said the CSU politician. Lent is a good occasion to look at the origin of food.

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