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Denim parts for every figure: These jeans looks really stand for you!

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Which jeans part fits me?

In the spring, denim parts are absolutely hip again and inspire us with their casualness. But can I really wear a blouse dress made of jeans? Or a denim mini skirt? We clarify ...

Which denim part is best for me? Here are some tips on which jeans look best suits your "problem zone" and what you should rather stay away from ...

They have a small breast

Jeans blouses are back in fashion in 2015. The trick for more bosoms? Breast pockets are not only a nice eye-catcher with the blouses, they also conjure up more where nature has given little bust. However, if you prefer to hide a very large breast, you should definitely grab models without pockets, otherwise it will wear too much. Styling tip: Jeans blouses go very well with pants or black jeans. Be careful with balun pants too, that can quickly look comfy.

They are tall and slim

Women taller than 1.70m are okay. You can easily wear the great midi and maxi skirts made of jeans. Keep your fingers off such denim parts when you're smaller. Otherwise, the floor or calf-length skirt does not look optimally proportioned and can make you look smaller and stouter. Styling tip: A maxi skirt 2015 is particularly well suited for flat ankle boots or sandals - depending on the weather.

They are all around chubby

The parka in casual olive we already know from the past years. Now the all-round talent shows in denim blue . The integrated waist pull makes a beautiful silhouette and conjures up waist. The wide shape is perfect for all sizes, but also makes a few pounds disappear too much. Styling tip: Optically, the parka fits almost all looks. Only chic, he just can not ... Nevertheless: Thumbs up!

They hardly have waist

Probably you belong to the athletic types, but just have a little female curves. They are especially good at denim skirts that have wrinkles cut at the hips. They conjure up more pools and therefore make a great impression on you. Styling tip: Whether it's a light sweater, shirt or blouse, it's best to put everything or at least one piece into the waistband.

They have strong hips

With denim dresses, you can hide beautifully wide hips in the spring. A shirt dress usually consists of super-light fabric and therefore falls down nicely. Important when styling: Make sure that the model has a belt or similar. To conjure a beautiful waist and the hips are discreetly concealed.

You have a short upper body

If you have a short upper body in relation to your height, you will ideally go for jumpsuits or jumpsuits made of jeans that visually stretch upwards. Styling tip: The look is especially relaxed with the sleeves rolled up and the drawstring for an optical waist.

They have strong legs

Now it's getting casual! Women with strong legs can wear denim-look jogging pants because they are super comfortable to wear and flatter the figure. Small problem areas are cleverly concealed by the leg-hugging material. Styling tip: It gets casual with shirt or hoody. You can style a jogging pant for everyday use if you are looking for more noble items such as blouse, pearl jewelery or blazers.

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