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Decorative garden ideas in winter

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  1. Winter fairy tale in front of the door
  2. Frost Queen
  3. Real evergreens
  4. Garden ideas in winter

Winter fairy tale in front of the door

Going into nature with open eyes is worth it, because there we find the ingredients for uncomplicated decoration ideas that beautify our home and outside the garden table.

The last month of the year gives us long evenings, and neither balcony nor garden needs care at the moment. We can use the hibernation of nature for our own projects. Let yourself be surprised how relaxing it can be to conjure up wintery, decorative garden ideas and look for the ingredients outside.

Moss, cones and twigs for the Advent wreath can be found in the garden or while walking, other treasures may be napping in the cellar or cupboard. Depending on which material you use, your decoration idea may also stay on the door: Classic enamel dishes are better suited for winter arrangements than frost-sensitive clay pots, for example.

We do not have to do without fresh garden ideas in green in December . Thanks to Ivy, Ilex and Buchs we do not need much imagination to dream about spring. Make plans and note which plants you want to plant in beds and boxes next season. So no idea is lost in March.

Frost Queen

The winter-hard Christmas roses do not need the protection of the bells, but they stand the perennial well. Winter tip : In case of sunshine, remove the glass hood.

Real evergreens

The two trees not only make a good figure at Christmas time. Sanding, lace, flower wire, hot glue, foam rubber cones and ceramic pots are available in the craft shop, the rest can be found in nature. Wrap moss around the cones and fix with thin flower wire. Then tap the cones on the branches and put them in the pots filled with soil. Cover the soil with moss and whip up the whole thing: fix berries or little icing with hot glue on the moss, cut the lace border and glue it to the edge of the pot. Finally, tie a loop around each branch.

Garden ideas in winter

1. Use marjoram: set the pot bright and cool (staircase) and harvest the winter over fresh leaves.

2. Winterize accessories: Allow clay pots to dry and store in a frost-free place until spring.

3. Write wishlists: Sort out bad garden tools and get good quality for Christmas.

(Pictures: deco & style)

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