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The miraculous connection between fingers and organs

Pulling or pushing on the right finger can lead to amazing results!
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  1. The thumb
  2. The index finger
  3. The middle finger
  4. The ring finger
  5. The little finger

Press here, pull there and a little miracle will happen

If we feel uncomfortable, we will seek a doctor or pharmacist if the symptoms do not disappear again in a short time or go through our medicine cabinet in search of the solution in tablet form. Anyone who frequently suffers from headaches, backaches or stomach aches does not do his body good in the long term with the repeated use of medication.

Luckily, there are these fascinating connections between fingers and organs. They make sure that pain in the air dissolves, provided you use the right grips. The reflexology says that each finger can be assigned to a specific pain. So next time you get to chemical preparations, just try these tricks for a better well-being.

The thumb

The thumb is connected to the heart and lungs. Violent tachycardia or shortness of breath can be thickened by rubbing and pulling on your thumb. So you can calm your heartbeat and slow your breathing.

The index finger

Large intestine and stomach are connected with the index finger. If you have abdominal pain or constipation, press on your index finger for about a minute and rub and pull on it. After a short time should be a noticeable improvement.

The middle finger

With your middle finger, you can influence the heart, small intestine, circulation and respiratory system. If you suffer from nausea, dizziness, or trouble sleeping during a trip, rub and stretch this finger.

The ring finger

This finger has a direct influence on your mood. In case you get the feeling of falling into a negative mood or becoming impatient, a massage on this finger helps to counteract this feeling. In the best case, you soon feel a pleasant sense of peace and relaxation.

The little finger

If you massage the smallest of your fingers, you can make sure that headaches and muscle pain in the neck are corrected. A direct connection has this finger to your kidneys.

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