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This is the quality that others love us for!

In a world where each of us speaks mainly about ourselves, is there a quality that our fellow human beings appreciate most about us, what that is, and why it is so important? Read it yourself!

With this feature, we make our friends the greatest joy.
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We're at a party and the evening usually goes like this: one friend tells of his great career, the girlfriend of the new man by her side and three more tables is given with their own children.

You can see it every day on the networks like Facebook or Instagram: We live in a world in which people like to portray, profile, tell about their lives. You get the feeling of being friends with only circumnavigators, millionaires, Paris Hilton party girls, and little chefs, and we know that the lives of others are not as breathtaking as everything seems to be on Facebook.

What is lost more and more are the good conversations, in which it is not always about higher, faster, further, but about the small nuances. And how do you notice these? Quite right, listening, and that is what is described as the quality others value most about us . If you can listen well, you often ask the right questions because you are there, there and not in your head is working on your own story. The next time we talk, we should just put our ego back and listen very relaxed - gives new insights and our counterpart will certainly thank us!

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