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Cool: Table decoration like in an American diner

Photo: deco & style

Harry and Sally say hello

A wooden table, sweets, placemats - with this table decoration you will feel like in the legendary American diner from the comedy Harry and Sally.

Oh, so sweet!

Small American sweets in soft pastel tones sweeten the waiting for the film: wrap a cake pop in plastic wrap, knot it with ribbon and attach a labeled label to it. Arrange the wrapped cake on a stick with sugar pearls on original shaped plates. In addition there is strawberry milkshake and popcorn. And the cutlery has reserved seats on the placemat . Simply trace the outline of knife, fork & Co. with a felt-tip pen. Done is the table decoration in the style of an American diner .

Crockery "Mano", cup, approx. 20 €, bowl, approx. 23 €, dinner plate, approx. 27 €, plate, approx. 20 €: Kähler Design. Glass Carafe, about 53 €: Iittala. Ice coffee glass, set of 2 approx. 16 €: Leonardo

Spicy, spicy

Here is the sauce carousel with delicious dips. The bottles compete with fancy belly bandage to spice up your sandwiches. Measure the circumference of the bottles with the measuring tape and cut out about 7 cm wide paper strips. Label banderoles according to content, decorate with a thin brush and pink tinting color, place them around the bottles and fix them with an adhesive strip at the back.

Bowl, about 20 €: Kähler Design

On the hand

An important supporting actor in the famous restaurant scene? The pastrami sandwich! So that your guests can prepare it themselves, everyone can take a recipe-Leporello as a gift. Cut a strip of white construction paper (about 10 x 36 cm) and fold it at regular intervals (6 cm each) like an accordion. Cut one lid and one back (10 x 6 cm) from thicker cardboard. Cover the lid with the printed cover of Sally's Relationship Advisor and fix on the first page, gluing the back on the last page of the Leporello. The inner part belongs to the recipe.

The exact instructions for download can be found here!