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Begum Inaara and Karim Aga Khan: Expensive divorce

Palace whispers

His Highness Karim Aga Khan IV. Has to bite vigorously into the sour apple. His wife Begum Inaar a is reportedly receiving a divorce settlement of 60 million euros according to press reports.

That's a lot of money even for a multiple billionaire. In return, however, the doctorate Frankfurt lawyer loses her sonorous title and her associated high-nobility status. As the wife of the Ismaili chief, she was on a par with all (married) queens of this world. The verdict should be legally binding in two months. Interestingly, as the Munich Schickeria, who in the past few years especially adorned with the Begum Inaar, deals with this development. Because: Beautiful and rich and even aristocratic Dr. was. Gabriele Thyssen already before her marriage (1998) with the Karim Aga Khan. At that time she was a newly divorced princess of Leiningen and already a highlight of German society. As Begum Inaa, however, she made the leap to the top - in the finest international circles. She was one of the few women in the world who did not have to bend in front of the Queen, journalists wrote. And who (like me) had the honor of being received by Begum in the Aga Khan Castle Aiglemont, just outside Paris, felt for a little while in the exquisite splendor between tradition and modernity a little bit closer to paradise. This shine seems over, but a catastrophe does not mean that. There was already a woman from Germany, who married so high that it was not higher, and yet after the divorce crowned every event in a very special way: ex-Empress Soraya of Persia. The "ex" in the title did not bother Soraya. So why should the ex-Begum not live well with it?

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