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Barbara Wussow would like to have a baby

Confession to the 50th

Barbara Wussow has everything you could wish for: a wonderful husband, two healthy kids and an acting career. But her biggest dream has not come true. In the interview, the actress, who lives in Vienna and celebrates her fiftieth birthday on March 28, tells what she thinks about getting older, what would make her different today than in the past - and in which men she got butterflies in her stomach ...

Are you afraid of your 50th birthday? Barbara Wussow: Yes, always a bit. But I have two small children, and then I forget my age and the upheaval that comes with it. At the moment I just do not have time to grow older (smiles). I'll post that later. It happens! I'm satisfied with that, I have no problem with my age at all. I think it's funny and great.

Now, looking back, how has life changed for you at 50? Barbara Wussow: One has arrived. You are more with yourself and feel comfortable in your skin. I do not want to change anything. At the moment I'm fine as I am.

Would you have liked to have more children? Barbara Wussow: Yes. I would like to have a baby. It's such a fantastic thing, but unfortunately I'm really too old for that now.

Would you live your life differently in retrospect? Barbara Wussow: If I could, I would turn back the time wheel. I would have thought of children a little earlier. But I was 29 at the time and thought I had time. But then it did not work right away, you get a panic. If I was not that old today, I would like to have a child again. That's such a great experience.

From the beginning, were you absolutely sure that your husband was right for you? Barbara Wussow: Yes, right now! Immediately I was sure he was my husband. But we still took our time. We lived together for seven years without a marriage certificate, then it took us another eight years to get the first child. I do not panic that something escaped me.

Hand on heart: Was in between times another man interesting for you? Barbara Wussow: Yes, of course, swarming must be allowed. As a young girl, I raved about Alain Delon. Liam Neeson is also sensational. But these are guys who are not like my husband. I've always been for Alain Delon, but I marry a guy like Robert Redford, quite different. You can rave about people, but you do not have to live with them. It all depends on something else. And my husband was meant for me. I know that.