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Swimwear 2014: Bikinis to fall in love with

Pure mood! The main thing is that you feel comfortable in a bikini.
Photo: Rosa Faia

Summer, sun and sea

This summer you will be bathing. We present you 20 bikinis with which you will be an eye-catcher at the pool and the beach.

Finally vacation again! But a look in the wardrobe reveals: A new bikini must be, because the old has not survived the last round on the pool slide from last year.

Well, too bad! Or maybe not, after all, this is the best reason to rummage through the shops and online shops in terms of beachwear 2014 again. Of course there are bikinis like sand on the sea. And not always the choice is easy. After all, they have a clear sense: to get the best out of their own figure on the beach!

Which bikini suits which figure?

  • Big boobs: A lot of bust looks great on the beach - provided she gets the right support. If you choose bikinis with wide straps and straps, nothing is left to gravity.
  • Small Tits: A halterneck bikini conjures up more bust size. Of course, push-ups are always a good choice. If you have a small breast, you should definitely use pattern and color.
  • Narrow hips: Choose a bikini panties that has patterns or ruffles. The optical movement gives you more curves.
  • Wide hips: A side-not tied panties makes you slimmer. Even simple colors conjure up a few extra pounds. However, do not use hotpants, which visually hide more, but make you look stronger.
  • Small tummy: grab a swimsuit that covers the belly. If that's too boring for you, you're attracted to an exciting monokini.

By the way: This year you are in fashion with a pattern bikini! Whether polka dots, ethnic look, Aztec prints or flowers - the main thing it looks exciting and no boredom arises.

Swimwear 2014 - 20 models for each figure can be found in our picture gallery.