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Andrea Berg: "In my village I am only Mrs. Ferber

Sexy, courageous and strong: That's how millions of fans love Andrea Berg
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Her unknown private life

On stage she shows a lot of skin. Provocative, courageous, desirable. As wild as no other hit star. Short mini skirt, skin-tight leather corsage and black boots: their hallmarks. That's how millions of fans know Andrea Berg . But that's just one side of the singer celebrating her 44th birthday these days. The other, her private life, tends to look after her like a piece of jewelery - like a very valuable ... All the more surprising that she reveals now unknown details from her everyday life. Andrea Berg ? The stage name of the "Queen of Folk Music" hardly knows a neighbor in her home village, the idyllic wine town of Kleinaspach. "I'm there only Mrs. Ferber, the wife of Uli Ferber, " she betrayed the "Augsburger Allgemeine". "People know and can do me with my green rubber boots." And as a careful boss of the pretty Sonnenhof, the hotel that she runs with her husband (45). Here she wears thick lumberjack shirts instead of corsages. Here she cares for more than 50 animals - goats, sheep, pigs, dogs.

Here she is mom from daughter Lena (11). Here her heart beats, far from the hustle and bustle, managers and bodyguards. Here she realizes what it means to sell two million "best of" CDs - more than anyone else in Germany. "I withdraw deliberately, because I can get the luxury of a nice privacy." The hard-working, good housewife - how does that fit in with the permissive stage performance? "There are also colleagues who are successful in a sequin dress, " Andrea Berg dissociates. "But I am the other one. This is an expression of my zest for life. That's how I feel. "

That the trained nurse from Krefeld is full of energy, she shows more and more often with social engagements, in hospices and aid clubs. "It makes me happy when I can do something for others, " explains the star. "Between Heaven and Earth" is the title of the new album by Andrea Berg . It could also be the title of her biography.

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