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Amigos: shock! Karl-Heinz throws everything!

Together they have made it to the top of the hit parades
Photo: imago / STAR-MEDIA

Soon it will retire

Only a few weeks until the big tour of the " Amigos " starts. But right now Karl-Heinz Ulrich (64) is suddenly talking about the end! "I'm retiring in October, " he tells us. A shock! Is he throwing everything now? Luckily, this is just his old job as a truck driver. Karl-Heinz is finally hanging on to the nail. "I'll be 65 this year and want my pension. Everything has already been requested, "he continues.

How should it continue?

Of course, he does not abandon his brother Bernd (62). The " Amigos " will continue to make music together. Over 60 events are still on the calendar this year. Also on the "Starparade" with Sascha Heyna on the 23rd of August in Altenburg the brothers will be on stage.

Overall, the "Amigos" are still on tour until mid-December. "We are really looking forward to finally seeing all the fans again and presenting our new songs." But that will eventually be synonymous with the music is for Karl-Heinz no question: "We are now for three years with our new record label under contract. That's how long we'll sing. What happens after that, we will see. "

Dear "Amigos", please stay with us for a long time!

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