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Fibroma: harmless skin change

One distinguishes between hard and soft fibroma.
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You have discovered a change on the skin? A fibroma maybe? Do not worry! Mostly a fibroma is harmless. More about manifestations and treatment.

When looking in the mirror, not only do more and more wrinkles appear over time. Suddenly something sprouts from which one does not know what it is.

The fibroma (stalk wart) is a benign growth of connective tissue. Neither infectious nor harmful to health, it is most likely an over-repairing mechanism of the skin. In overweight, fibromas occur more frequently.

This is what the fibroma looks like : The skin-colored growth usually sits on the skin like a rod or stalk and is movable. Fibromas often develop on thinner areas of the skin such as on the eye, on the décolleté or in the armpits, and increasingly in groups.

Have the fibroma removed by the doctor

How to get rid of the fibroma : Conventional wart remedies bring nothing. Dermatologists strongly advise against fibroma tweetting or removing itself. Often they bleed heavily. The dermatologist can cut them sterile and painless with suitable instruments.

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