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Plus size dresses: summer can come!

Batik dress made of viscose and a stretch mix, about 60 euros, Ulla Popken
Photo: Ulla Popken

Summer dresses for big sizes

Finally warm! So into the great summer dresses with their cheerful patterns and colors. The fact that they look fantastic even in large sizes is proved by these new models.

Who said that as a curvy woman you have to wear black in the summer? Yes, exactly, nobody knows! Is not true! Because this season we are blazing with the colors of nature to the bet. Stop the days when we hid behind dark fabrics and drab cuts. With the self-confidence!

In 2015, we are clearly committed to color - and we also dare to trust patterns. For properly styled, wear neither bright nuances, nor creative patterns. And how can you put yourself in the limelight in the summer? Of course, with the new summer dresses for plus-size girls.

When buying, make sure that the fabric is not too tight. Tight-fitting parts are not only uncomfortable on the skin when it is hot, they can also quickly knock off cushions - and of course we do not want that.

If you prefer to cover your upper arms, you can access dresses with sleeves. Although we tend to wear sleeveless summer clothes when the heat is too high. After all, you should feel good in your clothes and your skin - and that's definitely not the case if you're just too hot. So, even though it may be difficult: Defeat pig! You may find that showing a little more skin on the arms is not as bad as you always thought.

Now for the cut: A-line or Empire-style dresses are just great for plus-size women. Cover your stomach, hips and thighs best. Even light, flowing material flatters the figure and is great in warm temperatures. Also top: underbust bands or integrated hip cords. They conjure up a nice waist. Stay away from sewed bags (no matter where) and ruffle applications. They visually wear and make you look shapeless.

At the top of the gallery you will find our favorite summer dresses for large sizes for after-shopping. Then the holidays can come!