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Slimming Low Carb: Bread away, belly away

No carbohydrates? Complete nonsense! Especially in the morning, carbohydrates are a must!
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  1. Fit and healthy without carbohydrates
  2. Carbohydrates in the morning
  3. Leave the side dishes!
  4. Three meals a day
  5. Fats are allowed
  6. Drink a lot
  7. No prohibitions

Fit and healthy without carbohydrates

The whole world is talking about low carb. Friends celebrate sensational success. How does losing weight without carbohydrates work? We know the secret.

No bread, no pasta, no potatoes. What else am I allowed to eat? That's the wrong approach. Low carb does not mean to do without, but to reduce. And the carbohydrate-containing foods. Do not focus on what you should not eat anymore, but on what you have left. Maybe that is exactly the secret of a successful diet change. And a happy life.

Low Carb is not No Carb. Eat carbohydrates. And in the morning. Basically, carbohydrates are not bad. We only eat the wrong ones and too many of them. On the contrary: good carbohydrates (whole grains) are essential! They give energy and make us more efficient.

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Carbohydrates in the morning

Having breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and supper like a beggar - if you limit this saying to carbohydrate intake, it makes sense. Otherwise not quite. Important! Low Carb means neither FDH nor Weight Watchers. You do not have to score points, you just have to eat the right thing. A well-balanced breakfast is half the battle. Treat yourself in the morning with two slices of bread, a roll or cereal. Combine the carbohydrate-rich foods with an egg, fresh fruit or vegetables. Important: Bread is not equal to bread! Bakers love to color their breads. This makes them look darker and easier to sell than 'healthy breads'. Go safe!

Leave the side dishes!

The simplest rule is: Leave the side dishes! Avoid rice, potatoes, pasta. Instead, put on an extra serving of vegetables. Small exceptions are allowed. But watch out for whole grains! Especially in the evening you should take hardly any or no carbohydrates. The limit is 20 g per serving. Eat meat, fish, vegetables, salad and proteins. That's the only way fat burning works at full speed during the night. Having to do without carbohydrates does not mean giving up pleasure. On the contrary. With our recipes you will quickly notice how varied low carb can be.

Three meals a day

Eat three times a day. Try to avoid snacks and snacks. This allows you to better control your calorie intake and keep your insulin distribution in balance. Scientists at the University of Zurich have found that many small snacks make you tired. A feeling of hunger, on the other hand, makes you active.

Fats are allowed

Fats are not bad fatteners. They are the largest energy storage of our body. The important thing is that they eat the right fats. Fat is not just fat. Polyunsaturated fatty acids such as linseed oil, sunflower seed oil, walnut oil and rapeseed oil are best suited. Monounsaturated fatty acids such as nuts (pecan nuts, almonds, hazelnuts), seeds and seeds (pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds) are also allowed. Access!

Drink a lot

The German drinks 140 liters of water per year, which makes 0.38 liters of water per day. Much too little. Drink more! Who wants to lose weight, must drink enough liquid. Ideally: 2.5 liters per day. Beware of apple juice and cola. Fruit juices and soft drinks are real sugar bombs. Prefer to drink water, herbal tea and vegetable juice. But here too caution is needed. Water is not simply water. Stiftung Warentest has found out: every third water is contaminated.

No prohibitions

You can not do without your chocolate? You do not have to. Treat yourself once a week to a gourmet day! "If you work towards this day, the remaining six days will be half as bad for you, " reveals our reader Jovana. She also lost weight with Low Carb. The young woman has lost an incredible 76 kg and is now an enthusiastic marathon runner.

You can do that too! Set goals. It does not have to be a marathon, but maybe the pants in the shop window of your favorite boutique? The most important thing: Stay on the ball! Low carb is not a diet but a way of life. And maybe that's the key to success.