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Barbeque party: accessories and decoration for the outdoor party

Have a seat! Nobody wants to get up so quickly from this lovingly set table. 99 € and 12 €, "Flag Trow" blanket, about 169 €, everything from Lexington) (tablecloth and napkins "Country", approx.
Photo: Lexington

Barbecue and feasting made creative

BBQ, Embers, Buffet, Salad, Grill and more: We show new trends in accessories and decoration for a perfect barbecue party.

Tips for grilling and feasting

Everything will be glowing

Everyone is fired up for a BBQ. In addition to steaks and sausages are also vegetables, tofu and fish great for the rust.

Ran to the buffet!

Colorful salads complete the hearty Allerlei. It is especially delicious when each of the guests contribute their parade leaves ...

Viva la Pasta

Noodles? Everyone likes! Here is a simple recipe: Cook 300g butterfly noodles and let cool. Cut 10 dried and 2 fresh tomatoes, 200 g Parma ham, 1 pack of sheep cheese and 80 g rocket salad and fold in. Refine with balsamic dressing and roasted pine nuts. Mmm!

With extraordinary accessories and chic decoration, the next barbecue party will surely be a complete success ... We wish you a good appetite!

More tips for a creative party decoration