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For safety reasonsBurka ban in Morocco: Stop selling, production and import

Morocco has now banned the sale, production and import of burqas. The ban was apparently introduced for security reasons.

After the ban on sales, import and production: will the burqa in Morocco soon be banned altogether?
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Last Monday, Moroccan traders received letters urging them to remove all Burkas from their stocks within 48 hours. However, there is no official government statement in this case. However, a high-ranking official of the Ministry of Interior confirmed the ban on the news page Le360.

The reason for the burqa ban

As the source from the Ministry of the Interior also reported, "criminals have repeatedly tried to use the garment to perpetrate their actions." So there are security reasons that are responsible for the ban on burqa.

So far, however, it is not clear whether Morocco will ban the wearing of the burqa.

The burqa in Morocco is not particularly popular. Most women wear a so-called hijab. This does not cover the face in contrast to the burka. In Salafist circles, as well as in the more conservative north of Morocco, women also wear a niqab that does not conceal the game around their eyes.

Of course, the burqa ban provides a topic for discussion. Positive comments were made by Nouha Skalli, the former Minister of Family Affairs of Morocco. She called the ban "an important step in the fight against religious extremism".