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10 problems that only women with strong thighs understand

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Why strong thighs can sometimes really annoy

We actually like our figure - but sometimes small problematic characters in everyday life are simply annoying companions. What annoys us today especially: strong thighs.

Yes, there are days when we are completely satisfied with ourselves. In the job is running, in private life too, the sun is shining. We feel irresistible, funny and just wonderful. But while we seem to float through our everyday life, something unpleasant is noticeable on our legs - indeed, it almost brakes us out. Because even though we have no model measurements (and they do not even want to have) and are actually quite ok with our body, the strong thighs are disturbing us quite a lot today. Sometimes it does not help that we know, of course, that true curves have already twisted the heads of men in Marilyn Monroe times - and they still do it today. We do not want stress with our body, we really do not have it. But there are now and then these days, because we would like to prefer one or the other pound. Do you know that? Here are ten everyday experiences that every woman has ever experienced together with her voluptuous thighs ...

1st summer time = skirt and shorts time. Yes, and even girls with strong thighs are allowed to wear short pieces in warm temperatures. So off to the next shop and into our new, airy favorite part (which has to be found first, the fabric should not cut). But after half a day, the thighs still feel painful. Ouch! The fact that the legs rub while running against each other, the skin is irritated and reddened. The remedy is an evening load of Bepanthen - and the briefly flashing intent to come to the office tomorrow like a cowboy.

2. At this point you can sometimes mention sports activities that quickly become thigh torture. Running with strong thighs? As soon as the scouring alarm goes off. HELP!

3. Even the most confident woman has a bad day. Also a very bad one. Stupid then, if she has strong thighs AND a shopping appointment with the super-slim slender-legged girlfriend. Next to her, you just look like a ton in the short dress. Since only helps in the next few days alone again.

4. Pants are such a thing: fit the buttocks and thighs into it, the fabric is slapping on the calves. Yeah great. So here with another pair of jeans. And promptly the trying on stops exactly on our today so loved thighs. Simple pants rule with us: If the calves sit nicely tight, the rest does not fit into it. Pssst! A little tip in their own right: By the way, there are the perfect pants for every figure, which cheats even thighs thinner - you just have to look for it longer. (Do not hyperventilate now, women with this kind of problem do not have to cheat more slenderly, of course, but they may, especially on such I-feel-today-not-sexy days, as described above).

5. And if we are already with pants: After a hard day you just want in his cozy clothes. So down with the Büx. But what is THAT ?! Unnoticed, thanks to powerful thighs, just times on the right and on the left side of the crotch, not so small holes were rubbed in by the friction while running. Unfortunately, you can also look through them and you get caught at the thought, who has inadvertently noticed this faux pas in the world ...?!

6. The legs over each other? Also for women with strong thighs no problem - unless you sit at a table with a low table top ... * Nerv *

7. Small Mind Game: Your friend has thinner thighs than you - and would probably (in purely theoretical terms, of course) make a better figure in your new favorite shorts - than you.

8. In the summer in the pool and show yourself in bikini? Even if you feel fit and slim otherwise, you may not necessarily want to show off your powerful thighs to the world out there. Damn!

9. The trousers are constantly sliding down and zipping and pulling them up every five minutes. Why? Because the fabric with stretch always takes the slightest path of resistance. And this just leads down ...

10. We wait for the right moment. Great poses had their time, big breasts were also the absolute non plus ultra. So what about big thighs ?! We think: It's time to recognize her sex appeal.

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