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Gorgeous gesture: Senior gets unexpected help in the supermarket

The old woman does not know how she happens when suddenly a stranger comes to the rescue.
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"You are a good person!"

Completely desperate is an old woman in the supermarket. She does not know or what to do - until a stranger helps her completely unexpectedly.

A carton of milk, a bar of chocolate, a bread roll and a pack of cold cuts - the old lady does not want to buy anything more. At the cash register, the cashier calls her the amount of 2.18 euros. When the woman reaches deep into the pocket of her coat and does not bring out a wallet, the first people waiting in line are a bit impatient. Do you want to wait until the old lady has counted off her change?

The woman gives all her money to the cashier. This counts and then tells her that still exactly 51 cents would be missing. Helpless, the old lady looks at her and then tells her that she would not have any more money. The cashier responds that she unfortunately could not sell everything to her. She would have to leave something behind. The decision is difficult for the woman, but ultimately she points to the chocolate.

But at this moment a helpful man intervenes and makes it clear to the cashier that he would take over the lady's account. He hands her a fifty-euro note and asks her to give the change to the previously so desperate woman.

At the cash register it is suddenly completely quiet. The old lady can hardly believe her luck and asks her helper to allow him to hug him: "You are a good man, may I hug her once?" The answer: "I would be glad." Then the old lady packs her things and leaves the supermarket. However, she waits in front of the shop for the man to thank him again. He asks her to do him a favor, and go shopping with her money, which she has now. A wish she gladly fulfills.

What sounds like an urban fairytale has actually happened. The man who helped the old lady out of trouble is the mental coach and speaker Dirk-Oliver Lange . The meeting with the old lady happened on September 4, when Mr. Lange went to the supermarket to buy a pack of coffee. Lange posted the situation on Facebook and received a lot of positive feedback.

Thumbs up for so much helpfulness! Hopefully, this beautiful gesture will inspire many other people.

Today in the supermarket I just wanted to buy coffee quickly, because I had unfortunately failed, in time a reserve ...

Posted by Dirk-Oliver Lange on Friday, September 4, 2015

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