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Wolke Hegenbarth: Courageous use on a hospital ship

Cloud Hegenbarth has a big heart.
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"If I can help, I'm fine for nothing"

The actress goes on the mission of her life in Africa

She lives her dream in the spotlight, but never forget the people who are not as well as you are. Wolke Hegenbarth (32) wants to help. At the end of January, the actress ("My Life and Me") travels to a part of the world in which there is bitter poverty .

"I will volunteer for three weeks in West Africa on a so-called Mercy Ship, " she says.

Patients are treated and fed free of charge on these fully equipped hospital ships. Wolke hires on the "Africa Mercy" - and helps, that the poorest of the poor get help .

"I will work in the canteen, do everything the others do. Scrub floors, rinse dishes, set up chairs, prepare sandwiches and small dishes. 450 people on board want to be fed. "

On board, she is housed in a ten-person cabin, along with other volunteers. "Everyone has to get involved. Nobody is too bad for anything. "

For many sick people, the ship is the only way to rescue. Among other things, the doctors remove tumors, perform plastic surgery on facial and jaw bones or correct cleft lip and palate.

A courageous mission for which one must admire Wolke Hegenbarth . "I want to have this experience, " she says. Really strong!

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