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Champion Samma ": M ller spoils Colombian reporter

Bastian Schweinsteiger and Thomas Müller have the mischief in the neck.
Photo: youtube / vilshofen red white

"I'm not interested in that shit!"

"World Champion Samma" - Thomas Müller kidnaps a Colombian reporter and makes with his Bavarian interview for a lot of laughter.

With the redeeming whistle Jogis boys have only one thing in mind: celebrate, cheer, celebrate! Rightly - if it deserves one, then it!

Very bravely they ask themselves a question about the next - until ...

... Thomas Müller and Bastian Schweinsteiger meet a Colombian reporter . Clever as the two Munichers are, they unceremoniously take the young woman's arm.

' You have to speak Bavarian ', pigs challenge her. ' No, I do not speak Bavarian ' counters them promptly. Actually, she just wants to know what it feels like to miss the World Cup title so close. Lost? Failed? We are world champions !!!

The two boys think so too and Müller kidnaps reporter . The mischief in the neck jokes Müller: "I'm interested mi ois ned the shit! World Champion samma! The pot hamma! The fucking golden Shuah can lubricate you behind your ears! ". And he is gone.