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YouTube: These changes are planned

Is there a pay barrier on YouTube soon?
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That's how YouTube wants to make a profit

We know YouTube as a free online portal funded by advertising. But that could change soon ...

Previously, it was always the case that YouTube users did not have to pay anything to watch videos of all kinds on the online portal. YouTube is currently making revenue through advertising. According to insiders, however, the introduction of two paid services is planned.

How t3n reports, among other things, on a music subscription worked This was already tested in November 2014 under the name 'Music Key' by selected users in the US, UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Finland and Portugal. The subscription gives users access to additional features (integrated with Google Play Music's streaming offer, for example) and allows them to watch videos without commercial breaks.

In addition to the music subscription should also be the introduction of a payment barrier for so-called premium content on YouTube in planning. This would mean that the portal operators would definitely take the content suppliers a lot of care. Because the revenue from advertising clips are often anything but reliable and can vary greatly. Users would benefit in this case, too, that no more advertising is shown.

However, it is not clear at this point in time exactly when the two fee-based services could be introduced worldwide.

For YouTube, these changes could be the last step towards the blacks. Although the portal, which currently has around one billion users around the world, made $ 4 billion in 2014 But profit should still not throw off YouTube.

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