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Dream Islands at Tchibo - from 60,000 euros

Photo: Tchibo

Holidays like the stars

A private island - that would be it, right? Tchibo also finds and offers exclusive private islands in cooperation with the traditional Hamburg businessman Vladi Private Islands. Goodbye everyday, hello holiday ...

Tchibo makes dreams come true. And those of your own island: fishing, sailing, surfing. And always a free sunbed. From wild-romantic to sunny-exotic - you have a total of seven unique natural paradises around the world to choose from.

Granted - you do not have 60, 000 euros in your pocket, but in the future you can swim undisturbed, boat or water-ski, fish, surf - and of course build a house. The latter is not included. You choose between an island with or without a dwelling - close to Ireland, Norway, Finland, the USA, French Polynesia and Canada. And hey - it's even more expensive. 120, 000 square meters, 999, 000 euros - Maraeroa is the South Sea pearl among the Tchibo pearls. Small tip: Tchibo customers also benefit from an exclusive discount of 20 percent on the brokerage fees - a bargain so ...

"Our customers expect to be surprised by the Tchibo range and we should have succeeded in selling private islands. We are now the first provider to make the topic accessible to a wider audience - an absolute novelty in Germany, "says Helen Rad, Tchibo spokeswoman Non Food. "The offer includes Tchibo and Vladi Private Island, two renowned and internationally experienced traditional German companies. This gives customers the security they need to start the big adventure. "

Ready for the island? Then stop everything. And on to Tchibo. Or just continue to dream of your own island. At some point she will come, the lucky fairy who fulfills this wish ...

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