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Great video: Automat collects returnable bottles and donates animal feed

Photo: Screenshot YoutTube / CompVideos

Environmental and animal welfare in a double pack

A pretty clever idea that the Turkish company Pugedon had there. This machine donates a portion of animal feed per delivered deposit bottle.

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of stray dogs and cats live in Turkish cities. This project could help prevent them from starving. At the same time, the combination of recycling and feed box also serves for waste disposal.

The project is now thrilling animal rights activists around the world. Over 600, 000 times, the related video has already been clicked on

The company Pugedon informs on its Facebook page in detail about the initiative and also shows exactly where to find the imaginative vending machine. The installation of the collection boxes was made possible by the cooperation of the manufacturer.

Click here for the original video.


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