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Verona Pooth: A baby brings happiness back


"Finally it worked! It is an absolute wish child. It should be born at the beginning of June ", rejoices the moderator in the magazine" Bunte ". Verona Pooth is pregnant! Again and again she spoke of the desire to have a second baby. Sonny San Diego (7) should not stay alone.

"A little Hawaiian girl with long dark hair would be super sweet, " Verona Pooth once said. But it should not be long years. One almost had the impression that she had given up the desire for a child. Nearly a year ago, she said: "2010, it does not look like junior." One reason was probably the bad bankruptcy of her husband Franjo (41). Verona Pooth had also lost everything as a result of the scandal - her advertising contracts and her good reputation. Bit by bit, she has regained everything. How much she has suffered in recent years, Verona Pooth admits only now: "No one can imagine how hard that was for us. Every day was a nightmare. " Not a good atmosphere to bring a child into the world. Maybe that was one reason why Verona Pooth had a miscarriage. When that was, she does not say. But she speaks openly about the suffering: "If you have a miscarriage, then that is a sad affair. You do not even want that to be your worst enemy. The only consolation is that it happened so early in the pregnancy . In the last two years I've been through a lot more than I've ever seen in public. " Verona Pooth is a strong woman. Although the world went down in her heart, she smiled in public. But now the beautiful presenter has arrived back on the sunny side of life! The second baby is like a gift after all those dark years. A hope that everything will be fine. Whether it's a boy or a girl, Verona Pooth does not want to know. "This time I want to be surprised." It is certain that the baby should again get a Latin name. Even little Diego is looking forward to the sibling. "Mamita, how great! Now the good Lord has finally left one for us. "