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Taboo Diseases: Talk to your doctor about it

Whether it's hemorrhoids or vaginal yeast: talk to your doctor about it
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Whether hemorrhoids or vaginal fungus

When we suffer from taboo diseases like hemorrhoids, we would not like to talk about it. Take a heart and talk to your doctor about it, it's worth it!

Whether the aching disc or a throbbing molar - people talk a lot about their discomfort. About most, at least.

Because out of shame they do not even want to tell the doctor about certain illnesses. But this is not only dangerous, but also completely unnecessary. Because what seems embarrassing to you is for the physician everyday.

Therefore, do not be foolish: Go to a practice if you suffer from any of the following ailments.


Everyone has them from us. The tissue cushions on the rectum become a problem only when they expand or even become inflamed like varicose veins. As this condition progresses over time, the sooner you see a doctor, the better. Symptoms: Itching, burning and oozing on the anus, traces of blood in the stool.

Causes: Overstraining due to excessive pressing, obesity and a low-fiber diet favor the disease. The treatment depends on the severity of the disease: first degree haemorrhoids are obliterated. In the advanced stage, they are tied with a rubber ring and die unnoticed after a few days. The therapies are painless. Only in particularly severe cases, surgery is performed.


Discreet and regular - that's what we want for digestion. Unfortunately, that does not work often. Because this creates gases that have to escape - which is quite normal. It only becomes problematic when they become jammed.

Symptoms: bloated abdomen, bloating, frequent discharge of intestinal gas (more than 25 times a day), pain in the gastrointestinal area that can radiate to the back and even to the heart. Causes: The doctor should clarify whether, for example, wrong diet, stress or medication are the triggers - or if there is possibly a more serious disease of the liver, pancreas or intestine behind it.

Treatment: For severe complaints, the doctor may prescribe anticonvulsant painkillers. If the flatulence is not based on a disease, these home remedies help: caraway-aniseed fennel tea, circular stomach massages (clockwise) or a hot water bottle. Avoid using flatulent foods such as cabbage, legumes or onions and carbonated drinks.

Vaginal yeast infection:

Although this infection is annoying, but usually good to treat. Symptoms: It itches and burns, often comes a crumbly, light discharge.

Cause: Often exaggerated intimate hygiene is the reason - too much soap destroys the natural acid mantle of the skin. The fungus then has an easy game. Even a weakened defense increases the risk of getting sick - for example after antibiotic therapy.

Treatment: With over-the-counter ointments or vaginal suppositories (pharmacies) the problem is usually good to get a grip on. Important: If there is no improvement after three days, you should consult a doctor - there might be a bacterial infection.

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