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TV forester Hardy Krüger jr .: Now he has to worry about his great love

The infinite grief destroys his life

The actor has lost his baby. Suddenly. He had to carry his little boy to his grave. And now his marriage is in danger!

Hardy Krüger junior's voice is marked by pain. With difficulty he struggles for words - for something for which there are no words. Two months ago, son Paul-Luca (eight months) died of sudden infant death syndrome. Something the actor still can not understand. "I live in a nightmare, " says actor Hardy Krüger (43, "Forsthaus Falkenau") in an interview. The infinite grief destroys his soul. Nobody can help him. Even wife Katrin (33) not. Does his young marriage endure this? Now he also has to worry about his great love. "The situation is still too fresh. We are still in such a state of shock - I can not think that far yet, " says the actor in a husky voice. For three years, Katrin and he are married. Until now, they were on cloud nine - but with the death of a child always a partnership changes. Where previously there was security and happiness, suddenly there is a lot of emptiness. To give one another a hold seems impossible now. The own grief leaves little room for the tears of the other. And whenever you think you can think of something else for a few minutes, just look at the partner, and the pain licks your throat again ... Hardy Krüger jr. itself freely admits that he also does not know how to proceed. Whether the love for his Katrin can survive the terrible loss: "I only live from hour to hour. I really can not say what the next day will be ...! " A frightening confession. It was said until a few days ago, the death of their sunshine, the two had welded together tighter. "Only together we can do it. We try to be strong to help others survive, "he said. It is a desperate, dramatic fight. Maybe that's one of the reasons why he has now postponed filming to next year. "Actually, I should have been in front of the camera by December, " he says, "but I want to be home now. The family is more important than the work! " Now he needs strength for two!