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So easy: Sew gardening gloves yourself

These practical gloves help you with gardening
Photo: Eva Herr

Helping hands in gardening

These garden gloves help you to work in the bed. Just follow the sewing instructions and make the gloves yourself.

You need this for the gardening glove:

  • Fabric requirement: 25 x60 cm ClassicsArt. No. PWGP020 - GOLDX, 25 x 60 cm Linen Cotton Art. No. LILS011 - MORTA - lining material, all material details incl. 1 mm seam allowance
  • Additional material: fleece: 25 x 60 cm volume fleece H630 (Freudenberg)
  • Other: a pair of gardening gloves from the garden center, scissors, tape measure, ruler, white DinA4 sheet of paper and pencil, 80 cm green bias binding by Milward 15 mm wide, matching Coats Cotton sewing thread

Cut construction: Cut off the hem or cuffs of the glove. At this point, measure the circumference. Measure + 2 cm seam allowance = wrist width for the cuff of the measured circumference of the glove + 9cm = circumference of the cuff on the elbow Length of the cuff: approx. 17 - 19 cm.

Fabric cut : For each fabric and fleece cut the cuff 2 x in the material break.

And that's how easy it is:

1. Iron the volume fleece onto the outer fabric. Sew the sides together, put them over the glove right to right. Close the side of the lining and from the inside against it (in the glove) and sew it all around.

2. Turn the cuff to the right. For the suspension loops, stitch 15 cm bias binding then cut in half. Stitch the cuff with this elastic bias tape. Unfold here for the bias binding and sew on the outer fabric, placing the suspension loop between the fabric and the bias binding in front of it. Then beat the bias binding inwards, fasten with pins and stitch on the front the bias binding.

The complete instructions for download can be found here!