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Schweini and Poldi: Pretty best friends

Photo: gettyimages

Schweini and Poldi - one heart and one soul. And that for over 10 years. Now Poldi posts an image that touches. A small declaration of love to Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Two men, a friendship - for more than 10 years. 06.06.2004: the first common game. 13.07.2014: the first common world title. Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger - pretty good friends.

It's already clear: Lukas Podolski is not just a footballer but also a selfie world champion. In training, on the beach, on the pitch - for four weeks, Prince Poldi made us smile. After the victory a touching post: " 10 years together at the DFB Over 200 games together In 2004 we started, today we are here as friends and world champions Thank you to all fans for your support in all these years! " Lukas Podolski very emotional,

The friendship between the two has been joked for a long time. 'A love that never ends', writes the net. Images of a friendship marked by victory and defeat. Three European Championships, three World Championships and one title!

As the World Cup ends, so did she - with a laughing Poldi and a mischievous Schweinsteiger. The funny selfie duel of the two went around the world. First, Poldi posts a sleeping Schweinsteiger, then Schweini strips off the sleeping Poldi. Wonderfully amusing!

We wish for another 10 years, 200 games and world titles, as much as you can shoot. Because ' good friends no one can separate, good friends are never alone, because one thing in life, to be there for each other. ' (Franz Beckenbauer)