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Cracked Hands adé! Hand Care: Tips for beautiful and well-groomed hands in winter

Often they are the first unpleasant side effect when it gets colder outside again: rough and chapped hands. They do not look pretty and, in the worst case, can even be painful when the spots start to ignite.

Cracked hands in autumn and winter? Not with us!
Photo: Daniel Sommer, eos Products GmbH

However, with the right care, your hands can be armed in no time against heating air and cold temperatures. We show you what you can do so that dry hands have no chance and you do not have to be afraid of painful inflammation!

1. Dry thoroughly after washing hands

Hand cream can be optimally distributed only on dry skin and can only show their full effect.

2. Hand cream - never body lotion

Hand creams are tailored to the needs of the sensitive hands. The skin of the hands has a different structure than the rest of the body, which is why a body lotion can not care for them sufficiently. Who likes a great scent with hand lotions, is well served with the nos hand lotion from eos - there's the way in the four great-scented varieties Berry Blossom, Vanilla Orchid, Fresh Flower and Cucumber. The vanilla orchid hand lotion is particularly rich thanks to valuable marula oil and also cares for dry hands extra tender - for whole 24 h smoothness!

3. Full attention to the back of the hand

The skin of the back of the hand is very thin and also consists of significantly less fatty tissue than the skin on the inside of the hand - so she is looking forward to a lot of attention!

4. Peeling in the winter? Absolutely!

An exfoliation ensures that dead skin cells are removed and makes the hands ready for the subsequent care - soft and soft hands guaranteed!

5. A glove needs to breathe

Gloves are a must when temperatures drop, but beware: synthetic fibers do not breathe the skin and often create an unnatural atmosphere. Therefore prefers to breathable fibers. For example, genuine leather gloves are a good choice.

6. Cling film is the magic word

Apply hand cream generously and wrap the hands with cling film. Let it work for 30 minutes and be amazed by the great result. And if even the best care does not help, and dry, itchy and itchy areas of the hands appear in the form of eczema, hydrocortisone-containing creams can help fight the symptoms.

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