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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrate 65th wedding anniversary

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip: Even after 65 years, they are still faithful to the side
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Iron wedding

Elizabeth was 13 years old when she saw him for the first time. It was love at first sight and she thought "the one or the other". Philip looked good too, was five years older and was looking for a career in the navy. From this teenage love something solid emerged: a love, as sincere and beautiful as you only know from movies.

Today, Queen Elizabeth (86) and her husband Prince Philip (91) have been married for 65 years, celebrating an iron wedding. On November 20, 1947, Elizabeth and Philip have the yes-word. Your love is made for eternity. In her speeches, Queen Elizabeth thanks her even today for the love of her husband, who was always at her side - even in difficult times.

In 1946 Philip stopped for a walk. She was immediately blown away, only her father did not show enthusiasm. For him, Philip was not befitting. But in love one has to listen to his heart and not to the parents. Elizabeth put her head down - a right decision. This is also evident from the fact that the two are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary today.

But what is the secret of such a long and happy marriage? Endless trust, great understanding and the same interests! At Queen Elizabeth and Philip, it's the passion for horses and, of course, the humor. He still manages to make her laugh . He affectionately calls her "cabbage", which translates to cabbages and sausages. And even after so many years together, Queen Elizabeth tells her husband about her day in the evening, always with humorous anecdotes. And he listens.

For the 65th wedding anniversary we tell you the love story of the Queen and Prince Philip in pictures!