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Pool Party: Even pigs like to swim

Photo: Screenshot / Fabulous Mr. Pug

Ice cold refreshment

Summer, sun, pool party: These pigs go swimming just as much as we do!

As soon as the temperatures climb over 30 degrees, most want nothing more than a cool down. It's not just about us humans - even these pigs like to refresh themselves in the water!

In the gardens, the pools spread in summer. In some cases, however, the pools are not only used by human residents. Even the pigs like to go swimming! No matter how big or small the bathhouse is - the main thing is refreshing! It does not seem to be an isolated case - the video shows that a lot of pigs share the predilection to bathe.

On hot summer days there is nothing better than a boisterous pool party for pigs . No matter how small the pool may be, the pig fits in!