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Pastel in the living room works wonders

Photo: Living idea

Summer Mix

Just right on hot days: delicate powder tones with fresh accents. The ease of living emphasizes structures on walls, in fabrics and on the floor.

Living with watercolors: Refreshing as a snorkel trip in tropical waters! In this living room, pastel shades of aqua and brilliant white help to satisfy the longing for the sea. Structures are also present here: the woven check fabrics, the ribbed carpet, the woven sofa. Its synthetic fibers are even suitable for gardening. The unusual wall putty in powder tones develops its soft shine all by itself.

Dive into aqua tones

The amazing thing about "StuccoDecor Di Luce", the new wall putty, is its sheen. In the case of light, the effect can be so intense that it reflects like a smooth surface of water. "StuccoDecor Di Luce" by Caparol is mixable in 1300 shades.

Manufacturer: Wall decoration: StuccoDecor Di Luce, clay "Coelin 60": Caparol. Display cabinet "Maison", approx. 550 Euro: Kare.

manual work

Berlin-based designer Anna Sykora uses Southern French "Limoges porcelain" to make bowls and vases of fragile designs in wonderful water tones.

Manufacturer: bowls "Anna Sykora", from about 40 euros, vase "Anna Sykora", about 100 euros: Shopping.

The color combination

Top to bottom color tones: "Pine 60", "Blu 20", "Coelin 60", "Bright White" and carpet tone No. 629.

Manufacturer: Wall decoration: StuccoDecor Di Luce, clay "Pine 60" and "Coelin 60", emulsion paint "Bright white", paint "Blu 20": Caparol. Carpet floor "Interland", sound 629, about 40 euros / sqm: Tretford. Cushions "Riverside", "Gardenparty" and "Picnic", each approx. 32 Euro / m, curtain fabric "Jandia", 280 cm wide, approx. 30 Euro / m, pleated blind "Polar": hem & Viebahn. Wicker sofa and pouf, "Clarissa", ca. 1800 Eurobzw. 480 Euro: Gerhard Welzel Collection. Display cabinet "Maison", approx. 550 Euro: Kare. Floor lamp "Kulla", coffee table "Strind", diameter 50 cm, about 70 euros, plaid "Ofelia", about 25 euros, glasses "Snäll", set of 6, about 7 euros: Ikea. Carafe "Kartio", about 45 Euro: Iittala about Nobile living. Glass pot, approx. 28 Euro, mural "Owl", approx. 16 Euro, picture frame, approx. 12 Euro: Souk. Fruit basket, about 23 euros, Rattantopf, glass vase "cylinder", about 20 euros, frame "poly", about 19 euros: the laundry. Tealight holder: Lizzart Living.