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Miroslav Klose: Family photo with "Mutti" Angela Merkel

Almost like a family photo: Miroslav Klose with his two sons and "Mutti" Angela Merkel
Photo: Facebook / DFB

The record striker crowns his fourth World Cup

For Miroslav Klose it was a very special evening: Twelve years after the lost World Cup final in 2002, he still could fulfill his big dream.

At the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea Miroslav Klose was one of the youngest players in the DFB team and brought the team with five goals to the finals . But so close to the finish failed nerves and Germany had to give Brazil beaten .

Twelve long years and three World Championships later, the circle closes for the exceptional striker. Klose is instrumental in making Germany a world champion and even breaks Ronaldo's goal record . Now everything looks as if he would end his career in the national team - there could not be a better time!

How happy he is after playing with his kids has touched millions watching TV. There should be no one who does not begrudge Klose this trophy. As if she were a teammate, he hugs Chancellor Angela Merkel in the cabin and even poses with Mum for a beautiful photo that almost reminds of a family snapshot.

We congratulate Miroslav Klose for the title of world champion and take his hat off to this always fair, exemplary and sympathetic football professional.