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McDonald's: Off for Royal cheese and Royal TS in Austria

McDonald's Austria introduces a new burger: Grand Royal.
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MC Donalds

McDonald's Austria takes the Hamburg Royal cheese and Royal TS from the assortment. Do we have to give up our favorite burgers soon?

McDonald's has a new burger: finest meat from the Austrian Alpine beef, a mild-spicy sauce and crisp, freshly cut tomatoes. First of all, do not sound bad. The problem with the matter: For the 'Grand Royal' had to give way to two other burgers, the Hamburg Royal cheese and the Hamburger Royal TS .

Since the 8th of January, the new 'Giant' can be bought in 194 McDonald's restaurants throughout Austria. The Austrian customers are outraged. "Please reintroduce the Hamburger Royals TS. Was my favorite burgers and this new Grand Royals does not taste and is very, very expensive, " writes "dietrichp00" on the page "". The 'Grand Royal' heads the McDonald's Burger: a 130g burger patty and a suggested retail price of $ 4.49 make it a real heavyweight. For comparison: The patty of the Hamburger Royals weighs 115 g, the patty of the Big Mac only 60 g.

The complaints do not leave. "Knif32 demands": "How can you only exchange the two best burgers for the Grand Royal!?!?! Please introduce again the Hamburger Royals and TS !! For what do you need 3 kinds of cheeseburgers and hamburgers !?" McDonald's spokeswoman Ursula Riegler explains: "The Grand Royal sells five times as often as the Royal Hamburg, 60, 000 times a day." The Hamburg Royal fans do not agree with this statement. The trouble remains.

Whether the "Grand Royal" will soon be available in Germany remains to be seen. In any case, this is not the first news that is upsetting McDonald's fans. Just recently, a mother found a worm in her Chicken McNuggets.