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Marco Reus: Girlfriend in sight?

Marco Reus girlfriend

Marco Reus's friend was Carolin Böhs for a long time. But since 2013, the sweet midfielder is solo.

Marco Reus girlfriend
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Although there have been rumors of a new love in the meantime, nothing has been confirmed so far. So, girls, let's go! This national player is actually still available.

Watch out, here comes one of Germany's most sought after single men. Marco Reus (24) currently has no girlfriend, at least there is no one who officially appears as a player woman at his side. With Borussia Dortmund's ex-girlfriend Carolin Böhs, the kicker was from 2009 to 2013 together. They already lived in a shared apartment, but in early 2013, the separation was announced. One had lived apart.

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What was certainly painful for the beautiful couple is likely to be enjoyed by thousands of single women in Germany. Marco Reus is actually still available! On his official Facebook page, the likeable football player shows off occasionally with private snapshots. A woman is missing so far.

Marco Reus: Girlfriend wanted

Rumors that Marco Reus was with Sandra Schneider's presenter have since been formally refuted. So the track is still free to grab one of the sweetest single men in the German World Cup squad.

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