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Funny Video: Girl reacts to her freshly shaven dad

Bradley Bailey plays a joke on his daughter
Photo: Youtube / NewsTimeTv

He wanted to make a joke with his daughter - but he went wrong

Bradley Bailey wants to play a trick on his little daughter. He shaves off his thick beard. Her reaction is amazing ...

Bradley Bailey is sitting on the sofa, his little daughter in his lap. The two play hide and seek : Bradley Bailey has a towel over his face and shouts "peek-a-boo" if the girl pulls it off his head. The little girl laughs, can not get enough. And again: "peek-a-boo". And again: "peek-a-boo".

But then the girl's father has an idea. How would his daughter react if he shaved off his thick beard ? He dares the experiment, disappears briefly and comes back with a towel in front of his face. The little girl is sitting on his lap again. The game continues ...

But it seems the girl feels something is wrong. Instead of pulling the towel off her father's head as before, she just lifts it up, venturing a first look. Dismayed, she stares at the man under the towel. That's not her dad! Your dad has a big beard! Her face is slowly dwindling from confusion to absolute horror. She screams, cries, turns away. She wants to see her mom holding the camera. Even this can not convince her daughter that the man on the sofa is her dad.

How long the girl needed to get used to her father's new face, we unfortunately do not see in the video. But one thing is clear - this joke had worse effects than the parents had probably suspected. Bradley Bailey certainly thought it was funny.

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