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Look long and slim in flat shoes: You should pay attention to that

Wear open shoes to look taller and slimmer
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Finally, I can often wear flat shoes again

High heels are so uncomfortable - but you just look better in them. But stop! If you pay attention to these styling tricks, you will look tall and slim even in flat shoes.

Sorry, but I just do not like high heels. They are unhealthy, uncomfortable ... and I just can not walk in them !!! But on certain occasions, such as corporate parties, weddings, etc., I thought so far, that you can not get around high heels. Because they just look better, nobler.

But now I've been taught better, because I've found these tricks, with which you look even in flat shoes, long and slim! And they are so easy!

4 little styling tricks to look good even in flat shoes:

1. Choose open shoes

Ballerinas, loafers (see picture above) or other shoes, which leave the instep or the back of the foot - for the most part - optically stretch the leg, loosen up the whole picture.

2. Stay in one color

If you dress from head to toe in the same color, that will stretch you visually. This way you will look taller and slimmer even in flat shoes.

3. High covenant
and 4. crease

Here are two examples of how you can look taller and slimmer in flat shoes, united: a high waistband and creases.

If you wear a high-waisted pair of pants or a dress with a very emphasized waistline when wearing flat shoes, this will stretch your legs too. Creases conceal tight thighs and stretch.

Here are some nice, flat shoes:

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