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Royal House Sweden: A book is causing a stir

From the King's House Sweden: Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustav of Sweden
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Palace whispers from Sweden

So-called unveiling books about the Royals, whether they are now in the UK, Spain or now in Sweden on the market, have one thing in common - they stir up the heat, fuel the rumor mill, guarantee headlines and eventually disappear. It may well soon be the book about King Carl Gustaf of Sweden (64), which is now brand new in the trade under the title "The motvillige Monarken" ("The unwilling monarch").

Among other things, a team of authors asserted that His Majesty King Carl Gustaf of Sweden had regularly met for a time in clubs with a dubious reputation for men's evenings. The fact that even ladies with more dubious reputation should have stayed in call range is indicated more or less directly between the lines. King Carl Gustaf of Sweden could not even take a stand because he, as he is said to have said on the verge of a moose hunt, has not read the book yet. For the same reason, the Palace Press Office knows nothing to report yet.

Meanwhile, Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, the former court marshal and media representative in Stockholm Castle, takes courageous position. She said that if witnesses to such - in their eyes unsubstantial - allegations are cited by people who come from a criminal milieu, then speak for themselves. King Carl Gustaf of Sweden wants to allegedly today or in the next few days to the express alleged revelations. His court lawyers will certainly have a say in it.