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Queen Beatrix: Is she really breaking up?

Queen Beatrix soon becomes the "Princess" Beatrix.
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She is still too agile for retirement ...

Yesterday, Beatrix the Netherlands (75) completed her last official appearance as Queen. She opened an exhibition in The Hague about the house Oranje and the golden age of the 17th century.

Now, as acting monarch, she only gives a private farewell dinner at the Amsterdam Museum on April 30, one day before her abdication. But is it really over for "Princess" Beatrix? Many Dutch people do not like to believe that. If one listens, it is said that she is too agile for retirement.

One taps that the former Queen first undertakes a series of trips to destinations that she would like to see again, what she had previously failed for lack of time. In addition to her clinic visits to Prince Friso (44) in London, she will naturally devote much more time to her eight grandchildren than before.

So far the private part. Besides that, and the majority of the Dutch are certain, Beatrix should be committed to the common good. So you should be especially the contact with sculptors and painters at heart. Promoting her art will become one of her heartfelt affairs. They will not disappear completely from the scene, it is said.