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Kitchen Cabinet refurbished

Effort: about 4 hours

You need this:

  • old kitchen cabinet (z.

  • Photo: deco & style
    • From the flea market)
    • Sandpaper (hardware store)
    • cutter
    • White acrylic paint (hardware store)
    • Gift paper in light blue with white dots (department store)
    • Acrylic paint in green-turquoise (hardware store / craft shop)
    • Hare wire (hardware store)
    • White spray paint (hardware store)
    • brush
    • scissors
    • old newspapers
    • stapler
    • nails
    • hammer

    It's that easy:

    1. Sand the old cabinet. Remove bottoms and also sand. Free everything from dust and dirt. Remove the fly screen with the cutter.

    2. Paint the floors and the interior of the cabinet white. Allow to dry and possibly apply a second coat.

    3. Cut the wrapping paper and glue it around the floors, leaving the sides free.

    4. Paint the cabinet green-turquoise on the outside.

    5. Remove strips for the floors and paint them as well.

    6. Spray the hare wire on the newspaper underlay white and tack inside the sides and the door from the inside.

    7. Reattach ledges with nails.

    8. Reinstall floors.