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Joachim Llambi: When did you last compliment your wife?

Joachim Llambi does not spare Mrs. Ilona compliments.
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"Say ..."

His comments on "Let's Dance" are tough but fair. Joachim Llambi (48) knows how he spurs the ten new candidates of the RTL show to peak performances. Before the ex-professional dancer gives his first ratings from 5 April, he talked to us about ...

... Let's dance

Joachim Llambi: As a passionate dancer I have a very special claim: What do the celebrities have for an expression, what personal touch do they give to the performance? And above all, is it technically and rhythmically good to look at? In the end, the best dancer wins!

... good behavior

Joachim Llambi: It is a must in every situation to have respect for all people. As a professional dancer, good manners have always been my duty. I think it's important to straighten a woman's chair, to help her into her coat, or to stop the door. I also value good language. Too bad that this is getting lost more and more, especially in younger generations. Courtesy makes living together easier for everyone.

... compliments

Joachim Llambi: I often compliment my wife . Just today I told her: "Honey, you look great again." These are little things that are simply beautiful in a partnership. And the partner has the feeling that you appreciate what you have.

... destiny

Joachim Llambi: My father died 30 years ago. He has been a nursing case in recent years. I still carry the beautiful time I had with him in my heart. This time was very intense. He is still with us everywhere today.

... House work

Joachim Llambi: I'll take the vacuum cleaner in my hand or clean the windows. In addition, I like to cook every now and then. And the best - especially for my wife: I always clean up afterwards.

... thriftiness

Joachim Llambi: I learned that when my father was very ill for a long time. My mother could not work at that time. When I started my education, we threw everything into a big pot. That's how we got by. There was always something there, but not in abundance. I am all the more thankful that my family is well looked after today.

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