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Interview Kevin Cornell: "... I'm a bit shy

His life, his dream wife, his dreams

We met Kevin Cornell from the Chippendales and the handsome young man answered interesting questions about his private life ...

You worked as a bartender for a while. How did it happen that you became a member of the Chippendales? Kevin Cornell: My mother had watched a Chippendales show and thought I should apply there.

Do you like the life of a "Man of Chippendales" and did you imagine it that way? Kevin Cornell: Traveling a lot and living a rock star - I love my life at the Chippendales!

Do you have a girlfriend or wife? Kevin Cornell: Unfortunately not.

So surely you have a different girl in every city? Kevin Cornell: Of course you could, if that's what you want. But that is not the reality.

How long can you participate in the Chippendales? Kevin Cornell: As long as your appearance, appearance, fitness and attitude match the Chippendale's requirements. Age does not matter so much.

Have you ever considered leaving your job at the Chippendales? Kevin Cornell: No, I've never thought about that. But I realize that I can not do that forever.

What "normal" job could you imagine? Kevin Cornell: I would like to have my own bar.

What does a miracle woman look like for you? Kevin Cornell: A girl with a great charisma and beautiful eyes.

If you can bake your dream girl, which ingredients would you use? Kevin Cornell: She should be fit, cook and occasionally party.

Is there a famous woman that you like right now and if so, why? Kevin Cornell: I love Shakira . She is sexy and very talented.

What song would you play during a date to show her how much you like her? Kevin Cornell: Probably a song of the " Kings Of Leon ".

Is it important to you, what kind of musical taste she has? Kevin Cornell: No.

Would an unsportsmanlike woman have chances with you? Kevin Cornell: Of course. Every woman is unique and has very special qualities.

Brunette, blonde or redhead? Kevin Cornell: Everything.

Short or long hair? Kevin Cornell: It depends on the girl.

Vegetarian or carnivore? Kevin Cornell: Carnivore.

Fond of children? Kevin Cornell: That's not important.

Housewife or career woman? Kevin Cornell: Career Woman.

Does she have to cook? Kevin Cornell: That would definitely help.

Balanced or lively? Kevin Cornell: Balanced.

Chatterbox or still water? Kevin Cornell: Both.

Young and wild or old and wise? Kevin Cornell: Somewhere in between.

High heels or sneakers? Kevin Cornell: Sneakers.

Thin or curvy? Kevin Cornell: Also somewhere in between.

Mini skirt or jeans? Kevin Cornell: Jeans

Cool and brave or sensitive and shy? Kevin Cornell: A little bit of both.

Would you learn German if your dream girl came from Germany? Kevin Cornell: But of course!

How would you address your dream woman? What would you say or do to get your attention? Kevin Cornell: I'm not sure, I'm a bit shy. It all depends on the moment ...

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