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Hot flirt between Selena Gomez and Niall Horan?

Dating rumor: Selena Gomez & Niall Horan

The dating rumors surrounding Selena Gomez and Niall Horan do not want to abate. Now they were fueled by the two superstars themselves: they hung out together in London and were even beaten.

Selena Gomez Niall Horan
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Just a date among friends or is there more to it? We clarify!

How nice, Selena Gomez can smile so happy again! And after the relationship On / Off with Justin Bieber and her mental crisis, for which she even canceled her tour and was in treatment. Now, the 21-year-old seems to be doing well again: On February 16, 2014, she had a lot of fun on a date with Niall Horan. Selena Gomez and the One-Direction Beau spent the evening together, moving through London at night, being recognized and snapped by fans.

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In a photo that Twitter user JBarns put on his profile that day, you can see Niall Horan and Selena Gomez smiling happily and relaxed into the camera. Although JBarns intervened with cat mask in between and another female fans can be seen in the picture, but still has Selena Gomez that certain glow in the face, we know of happy lovers.

Selena Gomez and Niall Horan: dating rumors nothing new

Dating rumors about Selena Gomez and Niall Horan were beautiful often. Already in November 2012 it should have crackled violently between the two. In addition, according to an insider report, they are constantly sending text messages and chatting privately. "Selena finds Niall very cool and his Irish accent really sexy. They chat with each other via their private Facebook profiles and send SMS. It sparks powerfully between them. They are both very busy, but Selena would like to meet Niall the next time they are in the same country, "the source told the Daily Star. This opportunity seems to have caught her now. We are curious what will happen.

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