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ImojiApp turns photos into emojis

In the ImojiApp select photo, crop, confirm ...
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This app makes personalized emoticons

This app turns your photo collection into personalized emojis! How the free ImojiApp works and which pictures we make immediately, we show here.

Emojis are awesome. But so slowly we have been fed up with the same pictures. Sure, the smiley, who rolls his eyes is great, but his own annoyed look he can not get ran. And the tango dancer does not really bring it, if we want to say "girls, tonight is dancing until our feet fall off".

Luckily, there's a new app for that now. The ImojiApp, which was launched in the App Store this week, makes use of the photo collection and makes its own small emojis from selected pictures. And best of all : The ImojiApp is free!

Instead of a cartoon cat, we can now send our own beloved tomb tiger, pictograms of sushi bites give way to the photographed favorite food and instead of kisses face, there are now "real" smoochers. We'll get in touch with you first, we'll have to make emojis ...

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