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I wonder when I talked to my husband last time ...

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Frauke Ludowig (45)

Six days a week we see Frauke Ludowig at "Exclusiv" (RTL). She is the mother of two daughters at the age of four and six years and of course a loving wife: In 2003, the presenter married Kai Roeffen (48). In order not to fall into the stress trap with so much commitment, she has developed the "Gala Auszeit Academy" for women together with Susanne Preiss, a stress management trainer. THE NEW BLADE wanted to know more.

When did you feel that stress was taking over and had to change something?

I noticed that especially when my second daughter Nika was born in 2005. There was also the bigger kid, Nele, who made his claims. Then I wanted to work full-time again, did regular sports. It was just too much for me. At some point, my friend Susanne said, "This is the wrong way you are going right now."

It had to change something ...

Exactly. Susanne showed me how to relax. And I would like to share in these experiences and my knowledge also other women, who put too much on themselves. At the "Gala Auszeit Academy" you get tips and suggestions for relaxation and relief. This is how they learn to leave the daily stress behind for a moment.

Do you still have time for your partnership?

Of course, sometimes you have situations in which you ask yourself: when did we last talk in detail? You can not keep that from being hushed up. You can not put up with it and accept that it goes on like this now. It is important that you recognize that. And if necessary, quickly do something about it. But with a busy job and two small children you have to set new priorities in many things, and sometimes you may miss a bit.

Are you vain?

I am considered unreal. I belong to those who sometimes go completely unpainted in front of the door. At the weekend I'm happy when I can slip into jeans and T-shirt.

Would you go under the knife for beauty?

Of course, I can not despise anyone who does that. But for me personally, a beauty surgery, at the moment anyway, out of the question. I'm happy the way I look. And I'm convinced that age can not be done away with anyway.